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Tues - Sat, 9am – 6pm

Tues - Sat, 9am – 6pm

Beyond Wrapture Day Spa

Men's Tune Ups


30 Minute Men’s Manicure - focuses on your cuticles and smoothing all the rough edges of your hard-working hands. Cost is $48

45 Minute Men’s Pedicure - trims off the tough toenails, exfoliates all dead skin cells off the lower leg and removes any callous on the feet $58.

1 1/4 hour tune-up is $100.

Stress, fatigue and pollution act in a negative way on men’s skin, often making it look lifeless and dull. Today Men are moving toward a new ‘caring’ attitude to make up for these effects. The “rugged look” is still okay later in life – preferably as late as possible!

Specific needs for ‘specific’ skin.

All Beyond Wrapture Day Spas carry the Phytomer Home Professional Skin Care line to provide men with skin care treatments designed specifically for their individual skin types. Our skilled and knowledgeable Estheticans can recommend a home care regime that is effective and simple to follow.

Beyond Wrapture has designed Spa & Skin Care Packages exclusively for men.