Loyalty Program

At Beyond Wrapture Day Spa, we offer a points program. For every purchase you make for services or products, you receive 10% back on your account. For example: if you purchase a service like a pedicure for $78, you will receive $7.80 or 78 points.

For every gift card purchase, you receive 100 points or $10 on your account. If you buy 3 separate gift cards, you will receive $30 or 300 points.

Note: points will not be accumulated if you use gift cards to pay for your services.

When you reach 1000 points, you will have $100 on your account.  You can use these points towards the following services:

Aromatherapy Massages (60min or grater)
Body Wrap
Sea Salt and Loofah Massage

Points are not transferable and cannot be used towards esthetic services.

Get ready to recapture your senses!

* some restrictions may apply.