Personal Skin Care

Fountain of Youth Facial 1 1/4 hr. $135

Our skin care specialist selects specialty products to re-mineralize and noticeably improve the elasticity of mature, aging or sun damaged skin. This specialty facial includes a revitalizing scalp massage and a re-moisturizing OPI Jasmine hand and lower arm massage. Has life ever felt so good?

Hydrating Eye Repair Treatment - add 15 min. $25

This add on is excellent for any skin type as it is a treatment to help around the eye area. It will help to soothe decongest and invigorate the eye area.

AHA Exfoliation – add 15 min. $25

For increased cell renewal, this treatment makes the skin bright and fresh and flawless. It helps to unclog pores so the skin is better able to absorb moisturizers and nutrients to normalize and balance skin cells. This service is not recommended for sensitive or extremely dehydrated skin, acneic skin with open pustules, or skin with inflamed Acne Rosacea.

Beyond Belief His or Her Signature Facial 1 hr. $115

This skin restoring treatment begins with a deep cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal smooth glowing skin. A relaxing face massage will precede a specially chosen masque specifically for your skin type and a nutrient rich moisturizer will replenish the natural balance of the skin. Yes, you will be glowing.

Men’s Exclusive Facial 1 hr. $115

This treatment is designed to help alleviate and reduce shaving bumps, irritation, and scraping. Please arrive freshly shaven and groomed to maximize the benefits of this special treatment. Relax and experience the extras included in our facials, a revitalizing scalp massage and an intense re-moisturizing hand massage.

Ultra Hydrating Facial 1 1/4 hr. $135

This facial is unsurpassed for its moisturizing and nourishment of dry, dehydrated tired skin. Again, this facial is completed with the revitalizing scalp massage, and a re-moisturizing OPI Jasmine hand and lower arm massage.

Purifying Spa Specialty Facial 1 1/4 hr. $135

This double mask facial is ideal for deep pore cleansing, with this dramatic effect of removing Impurities, and controlling sunburn. It will restore balance to oily, acne problem skin. This entire experience will transport you to your special place as you relinquish your body and mind to our revitalizing scalp massage re-moisturizing OP I Jasmine hand and lower arm massage.

Crystal Microdermabrasion 1 hr. $135

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that forces the regeneration of new skin while simultaneously stimulating production of healthy cells, collagen and elastin. For younger looking, glowing skin, book with us today.

This Series Package Purchase – Pay for 5 and receive 6