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Where else can you relax and enjoy friends and family and collect valuable loyalty points all at the same time?  With us! 
Bring your daughter, your friend or your husband or your mother or father or everyone and celebrate your special occasions with us this year.  We also have special service prices for your young family members.  And remember,  with every purchase at Beyond Wrapture you will accumulate 10% of purchase in Value Points.  These points accumulate in your  client file and when you reach $100 value you are able to enjoy one of our signature services free.  

The Ultimate Spring Clean

The ultimate spring clean. Buy now and save!

Buy now! Save! The Ultimate spring clean!

Ultimate I - 5 1/4 hr.

Sea Salt & Loofah Glow, Aroma Wrap, Pedicure, Lunch & Facial

$338 (Save $32)

Ultimate II - 6 1/2 hr.

Sea Salt & Loofah Glow, Aroma Wrap, Pedicure, Lunch, Manicure & Massage

$388 (Save $45)

Ultimate III - 7 1/2 hr.

Sea Salt & Loofah Glow, Aroma Wrap, Pedicure, Lunch, Manicure, Massage & Facial

$483 (Save $55)

Call: 250.448.8899 or Toll Free: 1.866.548.8899

Celebrate Father's Day 2018

A Spa Package Designed Just For Him!

Celebrate Father's Day

Men's Tune-Up

Men's Manicure & Men's Pedicure

$90 (Save $16!)

Men's Playoff Special

45 Minute Massage & Men's Facial

$155 (Save $30!)

Call: 250.448.8899 or Toll Free: 1.866.548.8899.
Beyond Wrapture Father's Day Specials...
Designed especially for him!

Vinotherapy Spa Packages

Celebrate Okanagan Wines with our Vinotherapy Packages

Tranquil Reflections - 2.25 hr.

Okanagan Grape Pip Scrub & Vinotherapy Massage
$212 (save $20)

Timeless Eternity - 3 hr.

Okanagan Grape Pip Scrub, Honey Wine Wrap
& Vinotherapy Massage
$316 (save $25)

Fall In Love Special

Our Fall Special has become a permanent Fall In Love Special!

Our Fall Package

Has become so popular ...

we've added it as a permanent

Fall In Love Package

A 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage

followed by a Signature Facial

2.25 hours  $160  (Save $35)

Our Favourite Package

The best way to rejuvenate that dry winter skin

The best way to rejuvenate that dry winter skin is to experience the treatments that made Beyond Wrapture the best spa in the Okanagan Valley. The Sea Salt will scrub your cares (and dead skin cells) away, whilst the Body Wrap Rejuvenates your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our Favorite Package

An invigorating Sea Salt and Loofah Glow Massage followed by a sumptuously soothing Aromatherapy Body Wrap (2.5 Hours)
$185 (Save $26)

Essential Oils and Loofahs for dreaming,
A little Sea Salt and Massage oil and
you will be dreaming......
Wrapped up in Sheets soaked in Oils
These are a few of my favorite things!

Recalibration Hypnotherapy

First time introductory special!

Interesting Points About Hypnotherapy

  • The subconsious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind.
  • The Subconsious makes up 90% of the mind & controls habits, beliefs & every experience is stored here!
  • Did you know that Canada has the highest rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the world!
  • Hypnotherapy can decrease inflammation & shut off the brain's stress response.
  • Your mind doesn't know the difference between what is real or imagined.

Albert Einstein had a thicker than usual Corpus Callosum. (The Nerve bundle that connect the left & right hemispheres of your brain). During Hypnosis, the Corpus Callosum bioenergetic connections become stronger, allowing the two sides of your brain to become better linked & work more efficiently together!

... Just like Einstein!

Recalibration Hypnotherapy

During Hypnotherapy, you have access to your subconscious mind where re-programming can take place. In a THETA brain frequency state, you are able to remove negative stored emotions, stress, blocks and the emotional connection to traumatic events. Followed by replacing the subconscious mind with positive, clear emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Hypnotherapy has been known to help with the following: Weight loss/gain, Addictions, Stress/PTSD, Depression, Sleep/Insomnia, Anxiety, Self Discovery, Unhelpful Habits/Negative Beliefs, Performance, Self esteem issues, Anger/Grief, & more!

Have questions? Book your free 15 minute consultation Fridays and Saturdays only.

Spring Back To Life

Spring yourself back into life with this amazing 2.25hr package

Spring yourself back into life with this amazing 2.25 hr package.

Bring yourself or a friend along,

... or even bring 3!

We can accommodate up to 5 massages and pedicures

... for you and your friends.

Package includes a 45 Minute Upper Body Massage followed by a Spa Pedicure.

$130 (Save $20!)

Go For Gold

Sea Salt Loofah Glow Massage& Signature Facial

Going For Gold!

This package began as a special for our 2010 winter Olympics, but because of the absolute demand and requests we have kept this an on-going package, so keep on Going For Gold!

Sea Salt Loofah Glow Massage & Signature Facial 2 hrs - $193 (save $22!)