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Spa Specials

Starting May 19 our new hours are Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00am – 5:30pm for Appointment Bookings and Gift Card & Curbside Retail Sales. Thursday through Sunday Appointments are Available for Spa Pedicures, Hot Stone Reflexology & Aromatherapy Massages. Facials and other services will hopefully be available in mid to late June. Online gift certificate sales are available on our web page at all times.

Where else can you relax and enjoy friends and family and collect valuable loyalty points all at the same time?  With us!

Bring your daughter, your friend or your husband or your mother or father or everyone and celebrate your special occasions with us this year.  We also have special service prices for your young family members.  And remember,  with every purchase at Beyond Wrapture you will accumulate 10% of purchase in Value Points.  These points accumulate in your  client file and when you reach $100 value you are able to enjoy one of our signature services free.

Jane Iredale Limited Edition With Gift

The Limited Edition Buzzworthy Collection is here!

Jane Iredale's Buzzworthy Collection

Purchase our limited edition Buzzworthy Collection complete with the refillable compact, PurePressed Eyeshadow Kit, PurePressed Blush, the most popular hydration sprays in a mini version and get the honeycomb makeup bag as a gift!


Come in and visit to see all our Jane Iredale products.

Celebrate With Us This Summer

Socially Distant Pedicure Parties hopefully by June 1, 2020

Bring your cell phones so you can facetime/zoom your friends, each in your own private pedicure room to enjoy your service.  Life is going to be different for a while, but we can adapt and still have lovely feet for summer! 

When you bring your team to Beyond Wrapture any group of 5 or more receives an extra 10% off all our services including any of our Special Package Pricing.  Enjoy these super savings all year long!

Celebrate Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Christmas Parties, Office Parties, even your hockey, ball and curling team celebrations...

Socially Distant Pedicure Parties
...hopefully by June 1, 2020

Give us a call. We won't let you down!

Fall In Love Specials

'Fall In Love' - Specials for Every Season!

Fall In Love Special #1

60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage followed by a

60 Minute Signature Facial

$185 (Save $20) *

Price is per person.

Our Fall in Love Special is not just for couples... Spend some relaxation and bonding time with your sister, mom or best friend at Beyond Wrapture or simply enjoy the time to yourself!

* $20 off any Phytomer Facial Cream when you purchase either of the Fall In Love Spa Packages.

1.866.548.8899 or 250.448.8899

The Men's Ultimate Cave Day

Father's Day Specials designed just for him!

Begin this special day with an infrared Sauna to open your pores and your mind to new possibilities. Our Sea Salt & Glow Massage will awaken your skin to receive the full benefit of all services to follow. Just as important your mind will forget the outside world... Now that you're relaxed you will enjoy a Men's Exclusive Moisturizing Facial while we improve your circulation with a Hot Stone Reflexology foot treatment. The final touch is a Men's Tune Up Manicure and Pedicure with Moisturizing Paraffin.

Men's Tune-Up

Men's Manicure & Men's Pedicure

$90 (Save $16)

Men's Playoff Special

45 Minute Massage & Men's Facial

$165 (Save $20)

Gone Fishing

2 Hours Vinotherapy Massage & Hot Stone Reflexology

$195 (Save $20)

Recapture Your Senses and be ready to tackle your world once again!

1.866.548.8899 or 250.448.8899

Vinotherapy Spa Packages

Celebrate Okanagan Wines with our Vinotherapy Packages

Tranquil Reflections - 2 hr.

Okanagan Grape Pip Scrub
& Vinotherapy Massage
$210 (save $30)

Timeless Eternity - 3 hr.

Okanagan Grape Pip Scrub, Honey Wine Wrap
& Vinotherapy Massage

$310 (save $40)

1.866.548.8899 or 250.448.8899

The Ultimate Spring Clean

The ultimate spring clean. Buy now and save!

Buy now and save!

Ultimate I - 5 1/4 hr.

Sea Salt & Loofah Glow, Aroma Wrap, Pedicure, Lunch & Facial

$345 (Save $30)

Ultimate II - 6 1/2 hr.

Sea Salt & Loofah Glow, Aroma Wrap, Pedicure, Lunch, Manicure & Massage

$395 (Save $40)

Ultimate III - 7 1/2 hr.

Sea Salt & Loofah Glow, Aroma Wrap, Pedicure, Lunch, Manicure, Massage & Facial

$485 (Save $50)

Call: 250.448.8899 or Toll Free: 1.866.548.8899

Our Favourite Package

The best way to rejuvenate that dry skin

The best way to rejuvenate that dry winter skin is to experience the treatments that made Beyond Wrapture the best spa in the Okanagan Valley. The Sea Salt will scrub your cares (and dead skin cells) away, whilst the Body Wrap Rejuvenates your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our Favourite Package

An invigorating Sea Salt and Loofah Glow Massage followed by a sumptuously soothing Aromatherapy Body Wrap (2.5 Hours)
$193 (Save $20)

Essential Oils and Loofahs for dreaming,
A little Sea Salt and Massage oil and
you will be dreaming......
Wrapped up in Sheets soaked in Oils
These are a few of my favorite things!

1.866.548.8899 or 250.448.8899

TOP OF THE WORLD Spa Experience

Revitalize yourself this year with a Mind & Body Clarity Connection!

45 minute Massage

& Recalibration Hypnotherapy

$175 (Save $45)

Recalibration Hypnotherapy

Sometimes the world seems disjointed and confusing and this 2.5 hour Spa Specialty Package help you readjust & achieve a new & heightened perspective. Let us take you back to the top of the world, the view is fabulous any time of the year. An infrared sauna will warm your bones and joints so your muscles will melt during a 45 minute massage. Now the pathways to the mind are open and Megan will guide you to a new awareness that you never new was there all along.

Cognitive Recalibration Hypnotherapy has been described as empowering and can support you to:

    • Feel Lighter, Happier and more at Ease
    • Release Chronic or Acute Stress (Stress causes 90% of all illness!)
    • Improve your Relationships: self, spouse, coworkers, friends, finances, food
    • Improve your Sleep
    • Heal from past experiences: PTSD, Physical or Emotional Trauma
    • Re-connect your Body, Mind and Spirit
    • Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem
    • Get to the bottom of Faulty thinking patterns, Self sabotage, Issues, Blocks or Negative Beliefs
    • Pregnancy Preparation & Support
    • Use the power of the Subconscious Mind to attain your Goals More Quickly and with Ease
    • Raise Performance Levels
    • Relieve Anxiety
    • Soul Healing

How does it work?

Our mind is made up of two components: the logical, analytical conscious mind (5-10% of our mind) where we spend most of our time, and the subconscious mind (90-95% of our mind), which holds and controls everything else from our bodily functions, like breathing, our values, core beliefs, self-esteem, plus every thought, experience, and memory we have ever had.

Our conscious mind uses the data in our subconscious to make decisions, but like a computer, our subconscious operates only on its programming.

During a Hypnotherapy session your Conscious mind becomes an observer while allowing direct communication and access to the Subconscious mind through a relaxed brain wave state called Theta. It is here that healing, connection to your higher self and self betterment can take place.

You will be an active participant in your own healing and life changes, allowing you to leave the session rejuvenated and empowered.

Have questions? Book your free 15 minute consultation Wednesday or Saturday.

What others have said about Cognitive Recalibration Hypnotherapy

"Hypnotherapy with Megan allowed me to get to the heart of the subconscious programming that was at the roots of my psychological dysfunction. She was able to uncover my faulty thinking and the roots of the false belief system that was governing my self-destructive behaviours in life. Megan is a talented healer, hypnotherapist and all round beautiful person! "
— Dr. Caitlin Kolbuc

"I slept so well the night of our session and woke up feeling a new sense of energy and self awareness like I hadn't quite before. I feel as though I was able to let go of so many blocks that were holding me back for so long. Within days more money flowed into my life, I was able to pay my debt off and I felt as though I was getting good news everywhere!"
— Ashley H, Lab technician and Mother

"I was sceptical about the efficacy of hypnotherapy - how could someone else get to me, I have trouble getting to myself. Megan has the ability to access root issues with ease and an unquestionable safety. Hypnotherapy (inside of a session) helped me access parts of myself that I haven't been able to achieve inside of years with conventional cognitive behavioural therapy. The session was quick and effective. Megan ensured to guide positive thoughts so I left feeling peaceful, not re-traumatized." - Michelle B, Registered Nurse

In one session she helped me let go of fears, guilt and worries that were stored deep down. After only one session, I had the best restful sleep I had in a very long time. Megan is very professional and kind and is a great massage therapist and hypnotherapist." - Maria D, Nutritionist and Mother

Spring Back To Life

Spring yourself back into life with this amazing 2 1/4 hr package

Spring back into life with this amazing 2 1/4 hr package.

Bring yourself or a friend along,

... or even bring 3!

We can accommodate up to 5 massages and pedicures

... for you and your friends.

Package includes a 45 Minute Upper Body Massage followed by a Spa Pedicure.

$135 (Save $20)

1.866.548.8899 or 250.448.8899

Go For Gold

Sea Salt Loofah Glow Massage & Signature Facial

Going For Gold!

This package began as a special for our 2010 winter Olympics, but because of the absolute demand and requests we have kept this an on-going package, so keep on Going For Gold!

Sea Salt Loofah Glow Massage & Signature Facial 2 hrs - $200 (save $20)

1.866.548.8899 or 250.448.8899