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Risk Assessment Application

The policy of Beyond Wrapture Day Spa is to ensure that all Esthetician, Massage Technicians, Receptionists, and Guests at our place of business are protected from Covid-19 as well as any other biological agents in a matter that complies with B.C. Workman’s Compensation Act and our Public Health licensing requirements on an continual basis.

This exposure plan is to cover all Staff and Guests as it is reasonable to expect they may have had contact with COVID-9 or be A-symptomatic carriers.  It is our hope that with this outline we can participate in the re-opening of our business when deemed appropriate. We would welcome a site visit if needed to be approved.

The Manager, Supervisor and the Owner of the Business (the Company) will:

• Conduct a risk identification and assessment of Staff and Guests potential exposure to biological hazards especially Covid-19.
• Will implement controls, safe work practices and written work procedures for staff to eliminate or reduce the possibility of exposure to biological hazards and Covid-19.
Provide Staff and Guests with personal protective products such as Gloves, Facial Masks, Disinfecting Wipes, and Hand Sanitizer at the entrance to the business. Hand washing sinks and soap are available in 9 of the 11 rooms at our location.  Safety eye wear is also available.
• Provide hospital grade disinfection cleansing products for cleaning of any Esthetics tools and supplies used and required for Guest’s treatments and Staff work areas:  ie; Oxivir TB Wipes, Zep Dyna Quat Plus, 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol, Peroxide and Bleach.
• The ZEP DYNA QUAT PLUS used at the spa is a HIGH LEVEL DISINFECTION Product and is listed as Cleaner, Detergent, Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Sanitizer, Fungicide (against pathogenic fungi) Mildew stat (on hard inanimate surfaces). the active Ingredients are:
–  n-Alkyl (5%C12, 60%C14, 30%C16, 5%C18) DIMETHYL BENZYL AMMONIUM   CHLORIDES   2.25%

• We use this with various dilutions depending on the function.  For example we use Dawn dish soap with a scrub brush to wash our spa slippers (and we SCRUB BOTH TOP AND BOTTOM of SLIPPERS & pay extra attention to the thong portion).  Then we Rinse with hot water, then we spray with a 30% dilution of the DYNA QUAT, let the slippers sit with the Dyna Quat for 30 seconds then rinse w hot water then air dry overnight.

OXIVIR TP WIPES are a medical grade disinfection wipe that we use to wipe down manicure tables, polish bottles and items that a client might touch during or after a manicure or pedicure.  We use these on the door handles, tap handles and the toilet flush handles – any surfaces that a client might touch, like our reception counter & the POS machine. The active ingredient in these wipes is Hydrogen Peroxide .5%.  These wipes are touted as being a powerful disinfectant against Bacterial infections, Tuberculocial, Virucidal, and great use for Broad Spectrum Sanitizing.

• Ensure that Staff are not coming to work sick, Guests have not returned from Travelling  without their required isolation period, and that all post-exposure health management is strictly adhered to if any of the above occur.

• Initiate investigations of exposure incidents to blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIMs).

The Staff of the Business will:

• Ensure the use of all controls, safe work practices and written work procedures as outlined and required by the Company.
• All staff will wash their hands immediately upon arriving at work before touching anything. Gloves and masks on immediately following. We have Lysol Wipes and hand Sanitizer for any difficult moments in between that may come up as we get used to the NEW NORMAL.
• The files the Estheticians use are disposed of after single use  Those that are not are washed with soap and water, sprayed with Zep full strength to get the 10sec kill rate and then sprayed with 99.9% alcohol and left to air dry.
• Attend any required educational training on safe work procedures/protocols as required by the Company.
• Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment provided by the Company.
• Follow the post-exposure health management procedure in the event of an exposure incident to blood or OPIMs.
• Regarding our waxing … we use all disposable wax sticks and disposable bed paper and the Esthetician follow all waxing protocols and for cleaning and sanitizing the skin before and after the wax procedure.

Risk Identification and Assessment

All Staff at Beyond Wrapture have potential for occupational exposure to biological agents.  It is reasonably anticipated that such contact may occur during specific treatments.

Percutaneous Injury could happen during a pedicure clipping toe nails, however, our Estheticians have worn gloves doing this service for 26 years now
Mucous Membrane Contact could transmit when changing over disposable or washable face covers however we take the covers off using non-touched surface
Non-intact skin Contact while doing non-gloved spa treatments such as back massage or facials however we do not massage these areas in pedicures
A-symptomatic carrier of Covid–19 who coughs or sneezes before they put on our protective face covering provided at entrance to the business.

Control Procedures

• Guests are always scheduled 15 – 30 minutes apart to protect privacy; this maintains Social Distancing requirements as currently mandated, marking are on the floor and arrows to guide one way traffic through the spa is in place.
• Maximum of 10 guests a day in our Phase 1 so as to accommodate Temporal Distancing: 1 Supervisor & 2 Estheticians.  8.5 hr hour shift.  Guests will be in individual rooms with their Esthetician unless the couple has been together through the stay at home order as we have some staff that can do the couples services because they too are roommates.
• Our reception area is large enough to have 1 Guest, the Esthetician and the Supervisor within the current Physical Distance requirements of 2 meters.  (16’ x 10’ plus 17’ x  8’)
• Our Reception / Retail / Payment area with the Point of Sale device is 2 meters+ away from the Supervisor accepting payment. As required all surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized, Staff & Guest will both be wearing gloves and masks.

Work Practise Controls and Written Work Procedures

Safe work practice controls are the preferred means to eliminate or minimize Staff and Guests exposure to biological agents or OPIMs.  If such controls are unavailable or impractical and do not completely eliminate exposure, (such as in a Reflexology or a Massage treatment), Staff can hand wash before and after their service in the service room with the Guest present.

Guests can have full body showers before arriving for their appointment when possible, however if they cannot we 3 shower units available in 2 distinctive change areas on opposite sides of the Spa.   We can perform 45 – 75 min back of body massages safely as the guests will have their face in the massage bed face holder.  All Staff and Guests will wear PFC (personal face coverings) while performing/receiving services whenever possible.

As specified in Beyond Wrapture work safe controls all Beyond Wrapture Staff will:

• Follow all infection control precautions & social distancing requirements.

Wear Personal Face Coverings (our hand made masks with filters) in the work place and wear a new PFC for every client they service.

• Ensure that each and every Client is provided with a clean PFC on arrival to the Spa.  All clients will be able to take their PFC home.  Staff PFC will be laundered at the Spa.

• Follow safe sharps handling procedure, such as discarding any disposable, contaminated sharp items in sharps disposable containers as soon as possible after completion of use.

Wear waterproof medical examination gloves while performing Manicure, Pedicure and Facial services as directed under Public Health.

Replace gloves as soon as possible if they are torn, cut, punctured, leaking or when they become contaminated or damage in such a way that their ability to function as a barrier is in question.

Use disposable gloves only once and follow the procedure for glove removal and hand washing immediately after use.

• Personal Face Coverings, Protective Eyewear Goggles, Small, Medium, & Large Disposable Gloves for staff are found in the Staff Utility room.

PFC and disposable gloves for Guests will be located at the entrance to the Spa. Guests will be informed when we schedule their appointment that they will be required to wear these items while at the Spa and reminded with floor marking to remain physically distant .  A clearly written sign will be displayed and our Beyond Wrapture Supervisor will remind them of this responsibility.

• Be knowledgeable, understand and follow the clean up and disinfecting protocols of the Spa:

1. Disinfection only works on clean surfaces, so we clean the surface before with soap, water and chemical cleaners. Disinfectant is also only for hard, non-porous surfaces (such as door handles, samples, lotions, shampoo bowls etc.), and is to be done every time a new person enters/leaves.
2. Pay attention to contact time. Contact time on a label refers to how long the surface must stay visibly wet with disinfectant to destroy all pathogens on the surface. Typical contact time for sprays is 10 minutes, and for wipes, 2-4 minutes.
3. Porous/soft surfaces cannot be disinfected, but they can be cleaned. This includes, but isn’t limited to, items such as towels, chairs and your hands/body. On initial re-opening, our chairs will be disinfected – but it is our understanding that ongoing use of disinfectants on soft materials can damage the material in the long run. We will limit disinfecting to once a day, but clean after each client’s appointment.
4. Pay close attention to things people touch a lot. Door handles, for example, should be disinfected every 1-2 hours or after and before each appointment. Retail products will be ok for Guests to browse when they have our disposable gloves on.
5. Clean and disinfect our treatment room and change room sinks, taps, faucets and toilet handles with a properly concentrated disinfectant or wipe.
6. Hand washing is the gold standard for disinfecting. Clients and Staff are always asked to wash their hands over using hand sanitizer.

Housekeeping, Laundry and Waste

All reusable tools of the trade ie; Esthetics tools such as nail and foot files/clippers/Stainless Steel Footbaths and Manicure bowls, Spa Slippers, PFCs and environmental working services will be decontaminated immediately after use and again in front of the Guest at the beginning of a treatment.  Some smaller instruments will be sanitized throughout the day and over night in the Auto Clave.
Laundry and linens will be washed in hot water with detergent and a capful of Peroxide in each load and considered dry only when items are hot to touch. All linens will be stored in closed, covered cabinets until used.
• Disposable PPE that is not saturated or contaminated with OPIMs will be considered general waste and disposed of in waterproof waste bags to go to the landfill.

Record Keeping

• Records will be kept if a Guest appears to be symptomatic of any illness at all.

• Guests will be required to fill out a form asking if they have been out of the country and what their return date was and if so they must confirm their isolation period of 14 days.

• They will be asked if they have knowingly been in contact with anyone with COVID19, recovering from or in a facility or gathering of more than 10 people.

Other demographic personal information such as allergies and preferences will be requested and the information will be entered into our computer software.  The signed document will be filed and kept with business records for 7 years.