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Body Treatments

Beyond Bliss Aroma Wrap 1 hr. $98

Drift into a far off world of relaxation with an exotic aromatherapy body wrap that employs a process totally unique to Beyond Wrapure. You will be wrapped in warm cotton sheets that have been infused with various essences and oils. At the same time you will receive a relaxing shoulder, neck & face massage. No need to fear claustrophobia feelings you can have your arms and feet free if you need to. This is the world’s finest aromatherapy treatment.

Exfoliating Sea Salt & Loofah Glow Massage 1 hr. $115

Sensationalize your skin! This opulent adventure combines aromatherapy with a gentle, soothing Sea Salt &Loofah full body massage. Four different sensations keep the mind drawn to the treatment process so the body relaxes as it concentrates on the different touches – warm & smooth blissful tingling, soft scratchy,soft smooth. You won’t keep your hands off yourself!

Signature Aromatherapy Massage 1 1/4 hr. $115

Rejuvenate your mind and body while you enjoy the effects of this soothing aromatic massage. It combines effleurage massage movements with the ancient wisdom of the body charkas, meridians and acupressure points so when you leave you simply float out our door.

Hot Stone Reflexology 45 min. $75

Reflexology sees the foot as a map and means of restoring balance to the entire body. This relaxing session will work to improve circulation, relieve stress and encourage a state of over an well being. Our practitioner works on one foot while the other foot is coddled in a hot towel with small stones placed between your toes.

Sacred Art Stone Massage 1 3/4 hr. $155

The Beyond Wrapture Sacred Art Stone Massage uses the heat and pressure from the stones to penetrate deep into the muscles and enhance the effects of massage. This treatment can be strong and deep for sports enthusiasts or it can be performed with flexibility to be effective for clients suffering from arthritis or muscle spasms or fibromyalga. Either one you choose, you are guaranteed a heavenly high!

Red or White Wine Vinotherapy Massage 1 1/4 hr. $130

Enjoy a relaxing & heating massage with the effective and noticeable anti-aging properties of Grape-Seed Oil, Shea butter and your choice of either red or white wine blended into our fabulous Vinotherapy massage lotion. This treatment provides powerful antioxidant protection for the entire surface of the body at the same time as it penetrates to strengthen and repair connective tissue.

Recalibration Hypnotherapy 1 hr $130

Our conscious mind uses the data in our subconscious to make decisions, but like a computer, our subconscious operates only on its programming. During a Hypnotherapy session your Conscious mind becomes an observer while allowing direct communication and access to the Subconscious mind through a relaxed brain wave state called Theta. You will be an active participant in your own healing and life changes, allowing you to leave the session rejuvenated and empowered.

Sports Massage 1 1/4 hr. $130

This massage is all about revitalizing muscles using Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Techniques~ Not always relaxing and previous massage experience is recommended. This treatment is occasionally not available – so be sure to have a second choice.

Spa Specialty Services

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Timeless Eternity 3 1/4 hr. $350

Enjoy a Rejuvenating Vinotherapy Experience! This package includes our Okanagan Grape Pip Scrub Honey Wine Wrap & Vinotherapy Massage. Our Pip Scrub is a gentle exfoliating treatment which uses the pips from grapes grown at local wineries. Our Exclusive Honey Wine Wrap moisturizes the body while you receive a relaxing scalp massage. This package is finished off with our Red or White Wine Vinotherapy Massage.

Tranquil Reflections 2 1/4 hr. $240

Nurture the skin you’re in with our invigorating Grape pip scrub followed by a tantalizing Vinotherapy Massage. Now you can enjoy a night on the town!

Stairway To Heaven 2 hr. $225

Reawaken your senses with this sensual & Intoxicating Grape Pip Scrub followed by a heavenly Honey Wine Wrap. Yes, people tell us they love to eat this stuff!

Silk and Solitude 2 1/2 hr. $250

Lathered in warm mud, rich in vitamins and minerals, you will relax while impurities are drawn out of your skin. After a tepid shower you will receive an aromatic hot olive oil massage. Heaven has definitely arrived on earth today.

Hedonist Heaven 2 hr. $200

Regenerate with an opulent adventure that combines a Sea Salt and Loofah body massage with the application of a safe and sunless Tantasia tan. Take home the balance of the tanning cream to deepen and retain your glistening new look.

Gone Fishing 2 hr. $195

Unwind as our Hot Stone Reflexology is used to work the pressure points on your feet and bring you to a state of perfect relaxation. We then massage your muscles with your choice of Red or White Wine Vino Lotion that will exfoliate worn skin and replenish and plump the new skin cells. Your skin will now feel as sensational as you do when we are done!

Recalibration Hypno Therapy 1 1/2 hr. $130

This is a definite ‘come as you are’ spa treatment, prepare to let go. Dress in your most comfortable clothes and enjoy deep relaxation as your body becomes one with the treatment table. When the treatment is over your spirit will be the color of the rainbow and your feet won’t touch the ground. Its time to conquer the world!

The Ultimate Day Spa Experience

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Ultimate I Day Spa Package 5 hr. $375

This program begins with our Sea Salt & Loofah Glow Massage followed by our Aromatherapy Wrap and Gehwol Spa Pedicure. While your toes dry, enjoy a beverage and the lunch provided. You will end the day with our Beyond Wrapture Facial guaranteed to bring sunshine to your day.

Ultimate ll Day Spa Package 6 hr. $435

This is the package to choose if you are planning a night on the town, Sea Salt & Loofah Glow Massage, Aromatherapy Wrap, Spa Pedicure, beverage and lunch Spa Manicure, and the Beyond Wrapture Signature Aromatherapy Massage.

Ultimate lll Day Spa Package 7 hr. $535

You can’t top this – the entire day includes Sea Salt & Loofah Glow Massage, Aromatherapy Wrap Gehwol Spa Pedicure, beverage and lunch Spa Manicure the Beyond Wrapture Signature Aromatherapy Massage and our soothing Beyond Wrapture Signature Facial. There was a Challis?

Children Service's

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Children 9 & Under

Manicure $15
Pedicure $25

Tweens 10 to 12 years old

Manicure $20
Pedicure $30

Teens 13 to 15 years old

Manlcure $40
Pedicure $50

Teens 16 to 19 years old receive 15% off services
*Excludes Waxing


Personal Skin Care

Fountain of Youth Facial 1 1/4 hr. $125

Our skin care specialist selects specialty products to re-mineralize and noticeably improve the elasticity of mature, aging or sun damaged skin. This specialty facial includes a revitalizing scalp massage and a re-moisturizing OPI Jasmine hand and lower arm massage. Has life ever felt so good?

Hydrating Eye Repair Treatment – add 15 min. ea. $20 ea.

This addon is excellent for any skin type as it is a treatment to help around the eye area. It will help to soothe decongest and invigorate the eye area.

AHA Exfoliation – add 15 min. ea. $20 ea.

For increased cell renewal, this treatment makes the skin bright and fresh and flawless. It helps to unclog pores so the skin is better able to absorb moisturizers and nutrients to normalize and balance skin cells.
This service is not recommended for sensitive or extremely dehydrated skin, acneic skin with open pustules, or skin with inflamed Acne Rosacea.

Beyond Belief His or Her Signature Facial 1 hr. $105

This skin restoring treatment begins with a deep cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal smooth glowing skin. A relaxing face massage wilt precede a specially chosen masque specifically for your skin type and a nutrient rich moisturizer will replenish the natural balance of the skin. Yes, you will be glowing.

Men’s Exclusive Facial 1 hr. $105

This treatment is designed to help alleviate and reduce shaving bumps, irritation, and scraping. Please arrive freshly shaven and groomed to maximize the benefits of this special treatment. Relax and experience the extras included in our facials, a revitalizing scalp massage and an intense re-moisturizing hand massage.

Ultra Hydrating Facial 1 1/4 hr. $125

This facial is unsurpassed for its moisturizing and nourishment of dry dehydrated tired skin. Again, this facial is completed with the revitalizing scalp massage, and a re-moisturizing OPI Jasmine hand and lower arm massage.

Purifying Spa Specialty Facial 1 1/4 hr. $125

This double mask facial is ideal for deep pore cleansing, with this dramatic effect of removing Impurities, and controlling sunburn. It will restore balance to oily, acne problem skin. This entire experience will transport you to your special place as you relinquish your body and mind to our revitalizing scalp massage re-moisturizing OP I Jasmine hand and lower arm massage.

Crystal Microdermabrasion 1 hr. $130

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that forces the regeneration of new skin while simultaneously stimulating production of healthy cells, collagen and elastin. For younger looking, glowing skin, book with us today.

This Series Package Purchase – Pay for 5 and receive 6

Finishing Touches

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Beyond Belief Spa Manicure 45 min. $55

Again a gentle exfoliation of your hands precedes this spa manicure where we will dutifully tend to all aspects of your fingernails and cuticles. Trimmed, buffed polished and ready to sing in the Sunshine!
Add French Polish 15 min: $8, Gel Color $15, Gel Soak off with file 20 min. $15
Men’s Pedicure  – 45 min. $58
Men’s Manicure  – 30 min. $48
Add a Hydrating Hand Paraffin Dip – 15 min. $17
Add a Hydrating Foot Paraffin Dip – 15 min. $20

Beyond Belief Women’s Spa Pedicure 1 hr. $65

After a gentle medical grade exfoliation of your feet we will buff your feet beautiful and finish your pedicure with OPI polish or if preferred an extended calf and foot massage.
Note: Please see Men’s Services below.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage Treatment 45 min. $55

Our special product is applied to your roots and massaged info your scalp Don’t worry those gentle tugs will stimulate and wake up the scalp and guarantee you tomorrow is going to be a great hair day!

Brow Tinting – 15 min. $33 Lash Tinting 30 min. $45

Specialty tinting is available for the fair-haired persons or anyone wanting to add a little extra boldness to their look.

Brow/Lash Tint Combo 30 min. $49

Silky Smooth Body Waxing

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Our Skin Care Therapists are skilled at waxing unwanted hair.
No need to ouch we use the best products for this sensitive treatment.
Note: Regular maintenance of waxed areas are eligible for maintenance discounts.

Eyebrow Shaping / Chin – 15 min. minimum $24

Upper Lip – minimum $26
Classic Bikini / Arms – minimum $40
French Bikini – minimum $48
Half Leg – minimum $44 / Full Leg – minimum $74
Brazilian waxing – minimum $80
Brazilian Maintenance – minimum $57

Makeup Applications

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Daytime – $35+
Evening – $55+
Bridal – $75+
Note: Bridal Make Up must have a trial prior to the wedding and a 50% charge paid at that consultation with the balance paid on the wedding date.

We carry the most extensive inventory of Jane Iredale makeup in Kelowna.

Bridal Services

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Men's Services

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Stress, fatigue and pollution act in a negative way on men’s skin, often making it look lifeless and dull. Today Men are moving toward a new ‘caring’ attitude to make up for these effects. The “rugged look” is still okay later in life – preferably as late as possible!

Specific needs for ‘specific’ skin.

All Beyond Wrapture Day Spas carry the Phytomer Home Professional Skin Care line to provide men with skin care treatments designed specifically for their individual skin types. Our skilled and knowledgeable Estheticans can recommend a home care regime that is effective and simple to follow.

Beyond Wrapture has designed Spa & Skin Care Packages exclusively for men.

Men’s Tune Ups: 30 Minute Men’s Manicure focuses on your cuticles and smoothing all the rough edges of your hard-working hands. Cost is $48 and a 45 Minute Men’s Pedicure trims off the tough toenails, exfoliates all dead skin cells off the lower leg and removes any callous on the feet $58. A 1 1/4 hour tune up is $100.

Gone Fishing: While you are relaxing and enjoying a 75-minute Vinotherapy Massage we will slide heated stones between your toes and spend 45 minutes focused specifically on your lower legs and feet working out the knots in those hard-working stabilizers. Enjoy 2 hours of bliss $195.

Men’s Exclusive Facial: This facial is designed specifically to help reduce and alleviate shaving bumps, irritation, and scraping. Please arrive freshly groomed and shaven to maximize the benefits of this special treatment. During the facial, you will relax and while enjoying the deep cleansing of the steam and the mask you will receive a divine scalp massage and an intense re-hydrating hand massage 1 hour $105.