Body Treatments

Beyond Bliss Aroma Wrap 1 hr. $105

Drift into a far off world of relaxation with an exotic aromatherapy body wrap that employs a process totally unique to Beyond Wrapture. You will be wrapped in warm cotton sheets that have been infused with various essences and oils. At the same time you will receive a relaxing shoulder, neck & face massage. No need to fear claustrophobia feelings you can have your arms and feet free if you need to. This is the world’s finest aromatherapy treatment.

Exfoliating Sea Salt & Loofah Glow Massage 1 hr. $120

Sensationalize your skin! This opulent adventure combines aromatherapy with a gentle, soothing Sea Salt &Loofah full body massage. Four different sensations keep the mind drawn to the treatment process so the body relaxes as it concentrates on the different touches – warm & smooth blissful tingling, soft scratchy,soft smooth. You won’t keep your hands off yourself!

Signature Aromatherapy Massage 1 1/4 hr. $120

Rejuvenate your mind and body while you enjoy the effects of this soothing aromatic massage. It combines effleurage massage movements with the ancient wisdom of the body charkas, meridians and acupressure points so when you leave you simply float out our door.

Hot Stone Reflexology 45 min. $80

Reflexology sees the foot as a map and means of restoring balance to the entire body. This relaxing session will work to improve circulation, relieve stress and encourage a state of over an well being. Our practitioner works on one foot while the other foot is coddled in a hot towel with small stones placed between your toes.

Sacred Art Stone Massage 1 3/4 hr. $165

The Beyond Wrapture Sacred Art Stone Massage uses the heat and pressure from the stones to penetrate deep into the muscles and enhance the effects of massage. This treatment can be strong and deep for sports enthusiasts or it can be performed with flexibility to be effective for clients suffering from arthritis or muscle spasms or fibromyalga. Either one you choose, you are guaranteed a heavenly high!

Red or White Wine Vinotherapy Massage 1 1/4 hr. $135

Enjoy a relaxing & heating massage with the effective and noticeable anti-aging properties of Grape-Seed Oil, Shea butter and your choice of either red or white wine blended into our fabulous Vinotherapy massage lotion. This treatment provides powerful antioxidant protection for the entire surface of the body at the same time as it penetrates to strengthen and repair connective tissue.

Recalibration Hypnotherapy 1 hr $130

Our conscious mind uses the data in our subconscious to make decisions, but like a computer, our subconscious operates only on its programming. During a Hypnotherapy session your Conscious mind becomes an observer while allowing direct communication and access to the Subconscious mind through a relaxed brain wave state called Theta. You will be an active participant in your own healing and life changes, allowing you to leave the session rejuvenated and empowered.

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Sports Massage 1 1/4 hr. $135

This massage is all about revitalizing muscles using Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Techniques~ Not always relaxing and previous massage experience is recommended. This treatment is occasionally not available – so be sure to have a second choice.