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Tues - Sat, 9am – 6pm

Tues - Sat, 9am – 6pm

Recalibration Hypnotherapy

Recalibration Hypnotherapy


Cognitive Recalibration Hypnotherapy has been described as empowering and can support you to:

  • Feel Lighter, Happier and more at Ease
  • Release Chronic or Acute Stress (Stress causes 90% of all illness!)
  • Improve your Relationships: self, spouse, coworkers, friends, finances, food
  • Improve your Sleep
  • Heal from past experiences: PTSD, Physical or Emotional Trauma
  • Re-connect your Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Get to the bottom of Faulty thinking patterns, Self sabotage, Issues, Blocks or Negative Beliefs
  • Pregnancy Preparation & Support
  • Use the power of the Subconscious Mind to attain your Goals More Quickly and with Ease
  • Raise Performance Levels
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Soul Healing

How does it work?

Our mind is made up of two components: the logical, analytical conscious mind (5-10% of our mind) where we spend most of our time, and the subconscious mind (90-95% of our mind), which holds and controls everything else from our bodily functions, like breathing, our values, core beliefs, self-esteem, plus every thought, experience, and memory we have ever had.

Our conscious mind uses the data in our subconscious to make decisions, but like a computer, our subconscious operates only on its programming.

During a Hypnotherapy session your Conscious mind becomes an observer while allowing direct communication and access to the Subconscious mind through a relaxed brain wave state called Theta. It is here that healing, connection to your higher self and self betterment can take place.

You will be an active participant in your own healing and life changes, allowing you to leave the session rejuvenated and empowered.

What others have said about Cognitive Recalibration Hypnotherapy

"Hypnotherapy with Megan allowed me to get to the heart of the subconscious programming that was at the roots of my psychological dysfunction. She was able to uncover my faulty thinking and the roots of the false belief system that was governing my self-destructive behaviours in life. Megan is a talented healer, hypnotherapist and all round beautiful person! "
— Dr. Caitlin Kolbuc

"I slept so well the night of our session and woke up feeling a new sense of energy and self awareness like I hadn't quite before. I feel as though I was able to let go of so many blocks that were holding me back for so long. Within days more money flowed into my life, I was able to pay my debt off and I felt as though I was getting good news everywhere!"
— Ashley H, Lab technician and Mother

"I was sceptical about the efficacy of hypnotherapy - how could someone else get to me, I have trouble getting to myself. Megan has the ability to access root issues with ease and an unquestionable safety. Hypnotherapy (inside of a session) helped me access parts of myself that I haven't been able to achieve inside of years with conventional cognitive behavioural therapy. The session was quick and effective. Megan ensured to guide positive thoughts so I left feeling peaceful, not re-traumatized."
- Michelle B, Registered Nurse

In one session she helped me let go of fears, guilt and worries that were stored deep down. After only one session, I had the best restful sleep I had in a very long time. Megan is very professional and kind and is a great massage therapist and hypnotherapist."
- Maria D, Nutritionist and Mother