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BLINK Eyelash Extensions

The following is valuable information regarding Lash extensions that we at Beyond Wrapture Day Spa think is important for our guests to understand.  Beyond Wrapture uses BLINK Eyelash Extensions. Our Lash Expert Tania Lucas explains how they work and why she believes the Company she has chosen is the leader in Lash Extension products.

Tania graduated Esthetics in 2013 specializing in Lash Extensions. Distinctive to Lashes Tania learned:

  • how to identify what type of natural lashes her clients already have
  • how much weight their lashes could withstand
  • what would be a suitable length depending on each clients natural eyelash length

Being able to assess the clients eyelashes is pivotal to guarantee her guest’s satisfaction. If the eyelashes are not correctly assessed and the lash technician gives the client what they want or what they think might look best, the eyelashes may be pulled down by the weight when the extensions are too heavy or too long. This results in damaged follicles with the eyelash never growing back. To avoid this and create happy clients we must take the time to perform a proper consultation prior to the service. This gives Tania the opportunity to explain what kind of lashes the client has and discuss the most suitable options. The perfect prep on your Eyelash day is to keep the lashes dry; wash your face with a face cloth that day and avoid getting moisturizer on the eyelashes.

During the eyelash application its best if you fall asleep during the service. With the eyes closed there is less movement and talking is minimized helping the Lash Technician to gauge correctly the length and width of suitable extensions. The eyelashes are then sparingly primed with a solution before the application begins. The extensions are then placed as close to the eyelid as possible with out touching the actual lid or under the eye. Once both eyes are completed the tech sprays the eyelashes with a “nanomister”. The nanomister separates hydrogen from water and helps the eyelash resin to cure. The spray is a fine mist and clients often express it feels cool and soothing. Occasionally the client may express they feel stinging or have red eyes. This is normal and witch hazel is applied to comfort the eyes, remove any swelling, and or stinging.

Clients love eyelash extensions because they can hop out of bed and feel like they already have make up on! 9 out of 10 women agree if a woman could choose only one thing out of all her make up, she would choose mascara.

Why Blink:

Blink’s Slogan is “People often say the Eyes are the window into the Soul”.

beyond wrapture uses blink eyelash extensions

We are enhancing the window to the soul.

Blink is a privately owned company from Korea. They are the leaders in eyelash extension product. They offer all products related to enhancing and expressing the beauty of the eyes. This includes post care retail product for client including: eyelash friendly eyeliners and sealers. Sealer is a a coating that helps set the resin and shines the lashes. Clients can purchase sealer to apply at home in the morning to shine up the lashes. They come in clear and black. Clear is best for after service and black is best for home use.

From trial and error Tania has learned that Blink carries a superior product. The quality of the Lashes are gorgeous and the resins hold longer than any othersshe has ever used. The resin cures in 4 seconds allowing for less mess and faster bonding. The Silk lashes are called Silk because they are silky but they are not made of silk, they are synthetic. They are the darkest black that a client can get as well as being strong and capable of maintaining their shape for a longer period of time. The Mink are more natural and soft. They are best for a client who wants to have long lashes but wants them soft and natural looking. They aren’t as black as the Silk and they do not maintain their shape as long. They do however, bond to the clients natural lash very well because they are a flexible natural fiber.

Clients may say they have had “mink” before that was less expensive, however it is important to note that some techs carry a lighter, thinner synthetic lash that is called “Mink” but it is not mink. Blink Eyelash Extensions are created from real treated Mink fur.



  • 2hr minimum required for the full set $80
  • 1hr upkeep fill at 2 weeks is $30
  • 1.5hr upkeep fill at 4 weeks is $50


  • 2hr minimum required for the full set $120
  • 1hr upkeep fill at 2 weeks is $40
  • 1.5 upkeep fill at 4 weeks is $70


  • 30min $20

IMPORTANT NOTE: When scheduling your appointment please let us know if you have had extensions before and if you need a removal. A removal and new application may take up to 2.5 hours because the lashes are applied one at a time. A Fill could take up to an hour and a half.