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Our Products

Body & Glow Lotion

The Beyond Wrapture Body & Glow Lotion is brought in from Mexico and it is a ‘water based’ cold cream. This lotion is an original family recipe that has never sold out to Noxema or Nivea. Both those companies have tried for centuries to re-create the Lotion we have. They have not yet achieved that.

Our Body & Glow lotion is used after our Aromatherapy Body Wraps to seal in the essential oils that the body has absorbed from the aroma wrap treatment.

  • The “Glow” particles in the lotion are to “reflect” the light (aura) of the person who is wearing it.
  • The BW Lotion has minuscule amounts of Mint and Lavender Essential Oils added to it: Mint is cooling and the Lavender is soothing for the skin.

This lotion is excellent for any dermatitis skin condition, especially psoriasis.

Exfoliating Sea Salts

The Beyond Wrapture Sea Salts are a combination of sea kelp powder and sea salt crystals combined with minimal iodized salt granules. The sea kelp (algae) is derived from seaweed, one of earth’s richest sources of essential vitamins and minerals. Sea Kelp has been dispensed throughout history by sea-side chemists for rheumatic pains as well as to diminish fat without harm because of its effect on the under active thyroid glands and goiter. Body exfoliation leaves the skin velvety soft and smooth. This effect is reached by the removing of dead skin cells before they decompose and re-enter the body as toxins.